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Folk Fabrics Co was in 2020; our workshop and studio are situated in Ahmedabad city, Gujarat, India.


At Folk Fabrics Co, we celebrate traditional Indian crafts, weaves, and textiles. Our sources of inspiration are diverse and endless. Our organic, naturally dyed fabrics are comfortable to wear, use, and work with, and eco-friendly. We work with a concerted passion and involvement in creating our designs and patterns.


As a team, we infuse positive energy and creative thinking into everything we do. Our open-minded approach to design thinking gives due consideration to zen meditativeness, mindfulness, and global artistic appreciation.


We celebrate our diverse ethnic backgrounds and unique identities, and use our points of difference to our advantage, in order to work collaboratively and cohesively. We have a modern work environment where brainstorming and bringing different perspectives to the table is expected and appreciated.


Our Commitment and Responsibility:


At Folk Fabrics Co, it is our commitment to maintain a supportive, inclusive environment in which all voices are heard and respected. Our encouraging work environment enables our team members to infuse positive creationistic energies into all that they do. Every team member at Folk Fabrics Co has access to equal opportunities for career growth. Fair pay is provided at all levels within the organisation. In everything we do, we manage to strike the right balance between contemporary design and traditional techniques. Not only do we appreciate our points of parity, but also our points of difference.


We look for people who are unafraid to change things up and challenge the norm; people who are confident, positive, and respectful of diversity in the workplace. At Folk Fabrics Co, our decisions are respectful towards various genders, ethnicities, religions, nationalities, sexual orientations, ages, social and political beliefs, world views, and physical abilities.


We are willing to give equal opportunities to the differently abled. The essence of our creativity at Folk Fabrics Co lies in working collaboratively to bring ideas to life. Our attitude to work is straightforward, and our culture is open — these are things we are proud of and well known for.


Applications from all fields are welcome.

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