Code of Conduct

All the members of Folk Fabrics Co take pride in our high ethical standards, inclusive sustainable practices, and responsible business operations. Whether we’re collaborating with a reputed foundation or an individual artisan, we make sure that our social code is followed to the tee.

The social code is a guideline that comprises of the minimum standards. It is in no way intended to prevent the application of higher standards. If the minimum standards can be exceeded, companies and individuals should not prevent themselves from doing so.

All companies and individuals are expected to apply the social code while also complying with national and regional laws, as well as any other applicable laws; wherever the same subject is being addressed, companies and individuals are to apply those provisions which offer higher and better protection.

In the absence of relevant national laws, suppliers must refer to the guidelines set by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions.



Fundamental Code of Vendor Conduct

This Fundamental Code of Vendor Conduct is applicable to all cooperatives, charitable trusts, and NGOs that produce goods and raw materials for Folk Fabrics Co.

Folk Fabrics Co understands that varied legal and socio-cultural environments exist in different parts of the world where cooperatives operate.

This Code of Vendor Conduct sets forth the necessary requirements that must be met with by an organisation, in order to do business with Folk Fabrics Co.


Through this Code of Vendor Conduct, we intend to remain transparent while effectively communicating to our suppliers, staff members, and third parties, our expectations from them.


This Code of Vendor Conduct is non-negotiable. Every individual, group, business, organisation, and/or supplier that partners or collaborates with Folk Fabrics Co in any way is required to strictly adhere to this Code of Vendor Conduct with no exceptions or reservations.


This Code of Vendor Conduct consists of some of the most fundamental expectations and requirements necessary for ethical business collaborations, and smooth operational procedures.

This code is updated regularly according to our learnings from self-evaluation and regular research. The goal of such self-evaluation and research is to allow for constructive changes and proper functionality.


This Code of Vendor Conduct comprises of our concerns regarding the ethical practices we wish for our associates to adhere to.

That said, it is our conscious effort at Folk Fabrics Co to work only with reputed, trustworthy suppliers and manufacturers, with a view to ensuring the highest standards of production.


Customers of Folk Fabrics Co can thereby remain assured that the products they purchase from us are produced under fair, humane, dignified conditions.


We always operate in lawfully acceptable conditions, and all legal compliances are always followed. Our trade relations are fair, honest, and ethical at all times, and we only associate with those that uphold the values of dignified labour, fair trade, and lawful business operations.


We are against the exploitation of all humans and animals, especially artisans from vulnerable population groups. We are also very mindful of reducing our carbon footprint and environmental impact.


Eco-Friendly Practices

  • Waste management should be carried out in keeping with local laws of the place where companies or individuals or groups are located.
  • Waste disposal should be carried out consciously to ensure minimum environmental impact, while taking care that the local population is not inconvenienced.
  • Folk Fabrics Co recycles all the waste that can be recycled, and expects the same from its suppliers. We encourage our suppliers and associates to consciously make recycling a part of their waste disposal routine.
  • We further expect our suppliers to minimise their energy consumption wherever possible, in order to be more energy efficient.


Ethical Hiring

At Folk Fabrics Co we adhere to the highest standards of hiring people, and human resource management.

Minors are not employed in our workshop and studio. The factories that produce materials for Folk Fabrics Co never hire children under the age of 15 years.

We only hire people who explicitly wish to work with us of their own accord; every employee is always paid fair wages on time.

In states where the minimum age for employment is higher than 15 years, we ensure that the law is followed.

All those below 18 years of age that are employed in factories are only assigned job roles that require light work. All the laws regarding healthy treatment of young workers are followed explicitly.

Folk Fabrics Co condemns child labour and is against the hiring of underage workers. We refuse to work with suppliers that benefit from child labour directly or indirectly, or promote child labour in any form anywhere.


Fair Employment

Suppliers and other stakeholders who associate with Folk Fabrics Co must never promote the hiring or employment of illegal workers. They must refrain from engaging in any practices involving forced labour, bonded labour, or involuntary prison labour.


Workers must never be required to provide money in any form to their employers or associates of employers. Workers should always be at liberty to freely terminate their contracts after completing any mutually agreed-upon notice period.


At Folk Fabrics Co, we condemn physical abuse and forceful disciplining. Workers should never give or receive threats of any kind from employers, superiors, subordinates, or colleagues under any circumstances. All workers including management level staff are required to steer clear from verbal abuse, physical abuse or violence, mental harassment, sexual harassment, molestation, and intimidation of any kind.


Folk Fabrics Co condemns inequity and bigotry in all its forms. In situations related to employment, training, termination of services, and retirement, we seek the equal treatment of everyone regardless of their race, caste, creed, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, and/or disability.


Folk Fabrics Co adopts a prudent attitude towards the formation and activities of trade unions.

Workers must always have the freedom to join and/or form trade unions on their own to make their demands respectfully without prior permission from anyone.


Upon making a request to leave the factory premises for acceptable and legitimate reasons, workers at all levels of the hierarchy must be allowed to leave the premises without having to face disagreeable consequences.


Workers at all levels must have free access to water, toilets, and religious facilities while at work.

When using the services of small workshops, subcontractors, temporary workers, or home-workers, suppliers must keep Folk Fabrics Co informed. These entities and individuals are also required to adhere to our Code of Vendor Conduct.


All new hiring, be it permanent or temporary, full time or part time, must be done in accordance with legal requirements of the nation and region. We insist on our vendors signing formal employment contracts with their workers. If our vendors are using third party agents or agencies to hire employees or workers, the vendors’ employment contracts must be in adherence to our Code of Vendor Conduct and should always override all guidelines put in place by the third party hiring agent or agency.


Folk Fabrics Co insists that all suppliers and vendors produce before us the regulations and guidelines they follow, with respect to ethical production, fair employment, and environmental sustainability. We expect our vendors and suppliers to establish functional systems that allow for these regulations and guidelines to be implemented and monitored successfully.


Ethical Working Conditions 

The work environment for all employees, workers, and labourers must always be safe, clean, hygienic, and must have adequate sanitation facilities.

Workers must be trained and educated with regards to the handling of specific machines, the inherent hazards and dangers involved in using them, and methods to avoid mishaps and injuries.

Workers must be provided all requisite protection gear for safe handling of equipment and machinery.

All necessary safety measures and precautions must always be in place to prevent injuries and accidents.


Employee Feedback

We expect that our vendors make provisions for their employees and workers to give them feedback safely and anonymously. Provisions must also be made for workers to report complaints anonymously.

Our vendors are expected to create a work environment that is free of corruption, extortion, bribery, credit-stealing, and blackmail.


Supervision & Observation

At Folk Fabrics Co we believe in the positive intent of our workers and associates, and in the principle of trust and cooperation. We request our vendors to be mindful of how they supervise workers.

We believe that people are inherently proactive and productive when they feel respected and are treated fairly. We expect that our vendors also adopt this mindset, so that we may all work as one team in consensus, towards our common goals.

We trust our suppliers to respect and adhere to the aforementioned social code and Code of Vendor Conduct in its entirety.

Because we work with vendors across the world, we recognise and understand that there may be socio-cultural differences in the way best practices for employment are followed in different parts of the world. That said, we refuse to compromise on the basic standards of safety, humane work conditions, and dignity of life and labour for all our stakeholders across all levels of responsibility.



Folk Fabrics Co expects complete transparency in business. We deem it necessary for our vendors and suppliers to always keep us informed about where each order is being produced, and of any and all changes in standard operating procedures. At Folk Fabrics Co, we reserve the right to let any independent third party of our choice make inspections at our vendors’ facilities, to ensure that the vendors are consistent in following our code of conduct.


Non- Compliance

If for any reason, a vendor or supplier associated with us fails to comply with the Code of Vendor Conduct in part or full, we will terminate our relationship with that vendor or supplier immediately; this may be done with or without warning and/or prior intimation.